Hello! My name is Siobhan. I am 26 and from St Albans. I love writing and after doing it professionally as a copywriter I’ve decided to start blogging.

I studied Philosophy at university and then went to Film School, so I like to write about thinking…over thinking!
I sometimes write about chronic illness and invisible disabilities, as I suffer from Hypermobility Syndrome and I also have Dyspraxia.

I like to stay as positive and practical about these things because luckily, I am only mildly affected by them. I am very into health, diet and fitness to manage my symptoms. I am dairy and egg intolerant, so try to avoid them. I love discovering new vegan recipes and writing about new treats that I find. I guess I would consider myself a ‘flexitarian’.

My main interest and hobby is listening and playing music, so expect to see some blogs about that 🙂
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